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Interkulturelle Kompetenz - Ist sie notwendig?


·         Interkulturelle Kommunikation

·         Interkulturelle Kompetenz

·         Interkulturelles Konfliktmanagement

·         Interkulturelle Teamarbeit & -entwicklung


·         Successfully Working with German Partners

·         Cross-Cultural Management and Leadership



Gnofame Partnership Management at a Glance


“Gnofame Partnership Management” is a Consultancy, based in Munich in Germany, aiming at facilitating cooperation relationship between African and German partners in order to help reaching both business and development goals in Africa.


We assist you, on the basis of our professional and intercultural experiences, to identify expectations and needs of cooperation partners in order to reach successfully the common project and business goals. We work together with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Africa on strategies for going international.

Successful management and leadership has never been a greater challenge than now.

Our trainings provide international communication and negotiation skills in order to increase the efficiency of the cooperation.




       Africa is a successful business destination

       Productivity in Africa due to entrepreneurship is flourishing



       Build relationships´ bridges between people of African and German culture area

       Enable successful cooperation

       Help to strengthen internationalization and global competitiveness of African SMEs



Understanding the perceptions and actions of other partners is of importance for the cooperation success. Our aim is to help to overcome the lack of knowledge of the culture  of other partner as well as the lack of resources because of different challenges in Africa.

It is about to cultivate leadership that is action-oriented and focused on results.

For partners in Europe

We take aim at investors, companies, institutions (Corporations, Municipalities, etc.), and

NGOs interested or already in cooperation with partners in Africa.

We help you to take advantage of your efficiency and to overcome the lack of resources and of knowledge of your African partners in order to reach sustained results.


Investment opportunities in Africa

We aim at investors, companies and institutions interested in the private sector in Africa.

The private sector in Africa is in the fledgling stages and the lack of knowledge can be a handicap for the cooperation and particularly for reaching sustained goals.

We assist SMEs and coach the most promising projects which can fit your investment criteria and goals as well as what you look for in potential partners in Africa.

You take advantage of having partners who additionally understand the African market.


For the African private sector - Internationalization for SMEs


There is a need for an approach to cultivating leadership rooted in community values.

Regarding the primacy of the private sector and the importance of attracting foreign investment, we help SMEs to develop an internationalization development strategy.

We assist you to acquire a solid strategy based on state-of-the-art of business management.

We work together on your projects in order to provide interesting investment and business development opportunities.

We take into account factors that can offer you a competitive advantage to attract foreign investors.


Enhancement of success due to trust building

We assist, on the basis of our professional and intercultural experiences, to identify expectations and needs of cooperation partners in order to reach successfully the common project and business goals.

We provide intercultural training if necessary.


Competence Building 

To overcome the lack of resources and of knowledge, the “Gnofame Partnership Management” team leverages our competence building for cooperation partners:





The trainings for competence building tend to develop a fundamental intercultural understanding, to increase the sensitivity for cultural differences and to particularly foster a good cooperation with members of other cultures.

We upgrade your partners’ skills in Africa. Management capabilities and particularly leadership skills are critical in any organization. The training applies to management and leadership skills development. It gives emphasis to international communication and negotiation skills in order to increase the efficiency of your cooperation.

In the trainings the participants practice their decision-making and responsibility and acquire with it qualified instruments for the activities of their actual or future projects.

The training can be adapted with regard to contents as well as thematic referring to needs and wishes of the target groups.



It is an action- and result-oriented support which helps to develop the required skills and to set goals and implement solutions agreed upon.

Coaching is about developing and enhancing strengths. Coaching process helps to increase the motivation and effective leadership as well as to creatively address new management challenges. It is directed to the needs of a particular individual, and also focuses on objectives of organization:

       Do you want to increase your motivation and creatively address new management challenges?

       Do you want to be optimally prepared for your next career move?

       Do you still need general management skills?

       Do you need an experienced and trusted sparring partner for pressing management decisions or for leadership issues?

We go along with you.

We assist you to find effective responses to your present challenges, and to have a new perspective on a situation. Coaching goals must be specific, challenging, time limited, measurable and include a feedback mechanism.


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